10 tips on your first Singapore trip.

Oh, it’s Summer time again in the Philippines. For sure a bunch of you have already booked flights or packed your things, completely geared up and all set to their much awaited week-long or month-long summer vacay.

So, where are you guys heading? If you’re going to one of the most expensive countries in the world, The city of fines/ Lion City.. Singapore! 😀 Well, keep on reading, you might get a few tips if ever this is your first time going to Singapore.

I just wanna emphasize that I’m not from Singapore, nor have lived there for so long. I just wanna share with you this article to somehow lessen the hassle for first timers, especially those who are going for a free & easy trip (those without a tour guide) and give out a few tips on what to do and what to expect on their visit, and I wish I’d knew these things before I went to Singapore. 🙂

1. Don’t mind availing local networks international roaming data.

I tell you, it’s just a waste of money. I bought 800 pesos load to avail of such service, was able to register but wasn’t able to use it the entire trip. The signal was weak, thus, I do not recommend first timers to avail unlimited data roaming from our local networks. Sorry, but it’s NOT A GOOD IDEA AT ALL.

2.  Singapore’s superb internet speed. 

In relation to my first tip, one reason why I will not recommend first timers availing our local networks’ unlimited data roaming promo because Singapore’s internet is one of the fastest. *two thumbs up*

You can buy a tourist sim at the currency exchange counters upon your exit to the Arrival area of the Changi International Airport. I bought mine from Singtel which costs for 15SGD, it includes internet, international call for 10 minutes (not sure though), a number of international texts and unlimited text messaging locally for 5 days. A bit pricey but having that internet speed, I think it’s worth it. I think they also have tourist sims for those who are staying for 10 & 30 days.

(Just wanna let y’all know, I am not sponsored. Lol. Photo not mine)

Screenshot 2015-11-06 10.57.jpg

3. A pair of sneakers will save your day.

Before our trip, I was actually contemplating whether I’d be bringing heels to achieve a perfect OOTD. *pheww* I am so relieved for not bringing them since I don’t need them unless I’d be partying or attending formal events. Imagine walking around the city, hopping in & out of the MRT and buses. Good heavens! You might end up spraining or worst breaking your ankles at any time of the day. A good pair of sneakers will be your hero since you’ll do a lot of walking throughout the day.


4. Must haves inside your bag/s.

Since Singapore has a tropical climate, expect a humid weather. It’s best to have these three things inside your bags: a. Umbrella- you can never go wrong with this thing whether it’s sunny or rainy 😉 b. Sunscreen- it’s a sin not to apply a sunscreen, so if you’re someone like me who cares a lot about skin, well you need to have this, it’s a basic, like duh! Daily application is a must! and c. bottled water, long walks, humid weather.. who doesn’t need water right? You can actually bring your water jugs and ask for refills at the hotel lobby you’re staying at if you want to save a few bucks . 🙂

5. Wanna spend more on shopping? Pack easy to cook foods.

Well, one tip that I’d be sharing with you is how we weren’t able to spend so much on food. I am not a fan of curry, which is famous in Singapore, so we decided to pack some noodles, brownies and biscuits. Much to my delight, we made the best decision ever. Haha. Walking from place to place, obviously, we got drained at the end of the day and  waking up the next the following morning was a bit challenging. Because we didn’t have much time to prepare in the morning for the whole day tour, a cup of noodles and a biscuit was the perfect meal. Haha. On the other hand, we spent a few bucks more during our lunch because we didn’t ate anything for dinner. Lol. During our entire stay except for our first & last night, we haven’t had anything for dinner because we were so tired that we slept so early and too lazy to function at night. Lol. :)) So, cup noodles & biscuits for breakfast, a decent meal for lunch, a little snack around 5pm & no dinner = It saved us time and money so we could spend more on shopping & touring other famous spots. 😉

6. Travel light. 

Aside from packing noodles & biscuits. Lol. Packing light is a must if your primary purpose is shopping, I mean, girl, you need extra spaces for your newly bought clothes, make ups, chocolates, souvenirs and of course “pasalubong” for your loved ones and friends. 😉

7. Thank God for selfie sticks.

Who ever made this thing is a tourist life saver especially when you travel alone or as a couple. Just look for a sturdy and reliable one so you could actually take the perfect selfie, who knows, you’ll bump into some famous people. 😉


8. Never underestimate the map guides you can find on airport and hotel counters. 

Any guide map you can find on the counter tables at the airports and hotel, grab them! Trust me, you’ll need those. Find time to actually read them during your first night or when you’re riding the MRT or buses, so you’ll get familiar with the MRT lines as well as how to get to the tourist spots easier.

9. Pack some meds.

One thing I regret not packing in my luggage are medicines. I got sick during our second day, I had flu, colds, cough and my head was aching. I didn’t want to stay in the hotel the entire time we’re in Singapore since we’ve already spent so much time, money and effort just for this trip to push through. A hospital check up in Singapore is quite expensive for tourists (Jusko, baka lagnatin pa ako lalo sa babayaran kong bill. Lol), so I decided to buy from their local pharmacies, but, uhhh, everything’s written in Chinese, thus, I couldn’t understand, except for one Robitussin. Errr. Oh well, no choice. Good thing I was able to survive the whole trip even though I ended up lying at the hospital bed with a nebulizer in my mouth the day I arrived in the Philippines. No biggies, I survived! haha.

10. Enjoy every single moment.

Not everyone has the opportunity to travel overseas, so live in the moment. Even if you’re not feeling well, or unwanted things happen, just get over with it and have fun. You’re in one of the most magical places in the world so might as well enjoy every single moment you have with that place. Wander, learn and get lost with its beauty. More importantly, make and take memories that you’ll forever cherish. 😉

So are you ready for your Singapore trip? 😀 Hope you’ll learn a few tips. Have fun and be sure to take lots of photos 😉

‘Til next time,

Aia P. ❤




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