Our annual goodbyes. (A letter for my Seaman)

(I wrote this message for him on our 3rd time of being away from each other. Sept. 15, 2014. I reposted this since it’s our 6th time to be away from each other today. *insert sad face*)

And here we go again. *sigh*

No words could unfold nor actions could suffice what I truly feel right now. 2 months felt like minutes and now I have to bid goodbye again even though my heart is breaking beneath these wide smiles I’m giving you. :’)

This’ll be the time when I would cry a river (or should I say ocean para akma sa theme? hehe) , worry at all times, stare at my phone countless times a day, make sure I’m connected to the web at least 24/7, set different clocks to different time zones, be best friends with facebook, viber, skype and marinetraffic.com (lol) and would surely be counting hours to days to months ’til the day I would set my eyes on you again. :’)

I’m a hypocrite if I wouldn’t admit that I loathe it every single time you leave, but just a thought of your love for me give me heaps of courage and truckloads of hope in battling this distance with you. God knows my heart will always say that you’re worth every pain, tear and distance between us. We’ve been geographically challenged a couple of times and yet we’ve been doing great in overstepping all these obstacles.

I am more than proud of you and I will always be.  You’ve done extremely well with your job and all the blessings you have received could substantiate to all the hard works you’ve done over the years.  Albeit my heart is crying at this very moment, I couldn’t conceal the excitement knowing you’d again get to witness how awesome our planet is and this’ll be a chance for you to learn more and experience both the beauty and complexity of life. ^.^

Rest assured I’ll be praying for you every single day like I usually do.  Good luck and God bless you always my love. When you get home, I promise I’ll still be that girl holding an umbrella waiting for you at the arrival area.  

Enjoy the world, take care and have a safe voyage my love!! ^.^ I love you always & forever.  

Aia P.



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