Since I was in college, I’ve been planning to put up my own blogging site, and it took me almost 10 years to finally convince myself, gather enough strength and motivation to finally put this blog into reality. Because honestly, a lot has happened, life had been pretty interesting for the past years, looking for a job, finding ways to look for another source of income, been with few relationships, until I finally found the one (which I will share in my future posts), quarter life crisis, overseas internship & travels, law school and everything in between.
I’ll try my best to somehow give you a bit of an overview of what happened to me the past years and updates with my present life. Please bear with me a little bit for this is going to be a bit lengthy, hence I’ll try to squeeze in the details and give you the gist of everything. Without further adieu, let me take you back to…
Oh college years… I was the happy-go-lucky girl who’s been juggling her passion with music and school. I was a part-time vocalist in a band I’ve been with since high school. We toured a lot, so I spent most of my weekends memorizing lyrics, listening to music, searching and creating playlists, I LOVED BEING A VOCALIST, that’s why I never really cared much about school, I was satisfied with mediocrity…getting the passing grade. But thankfully, I was able to graduate on time. *wheww*


My College Graduation Picture. Kalasag 2011.

After graduation, I went for an exchange internship in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The whole process was too stressful, we were off loaded in Clark Airport, the BI (Bureau of Immigration) Officer told us we were too young even if we had enough documents and an approved 60 days visa by the Indonesian Consulate. Pretty devastating on me and Sharlyn’s (who’s my college barkada btw) part, we stayed an additional week in Manila before our 5-hr flight to Jakarta, Indonesia. Imagine the hassle. *tsk*
We stayed a day in Jakarta before flying to Minangkabau International Airport in Padang, West Sumatra, where we’ll have our internship as English Teachers. The whole experience was life changing, I became an instant millionaire, Lol. Because the currency change rate of Philippine peso to Indonesian rupiah is: 1 php = 200+ rupiahs, if I have a $100, that would be at least a million Indonesian Rupiah. Haha. Usually, my meal would cost at least 25,000IDR and transportation is about 1,000IDR riding their very famous “Angkot” which is very similar to Philippines’ jeepney. I also got to meet new friends, learned new languages and cultures, ate lots of spicy foods (apparently no pork for me for 2 months, it’s okay though), succumbed to West Sumatra’s heat, taught English & Math to kids ages 3-11 and most importantly, I learned to be strong and independent.



At Minangkabau Int’l Airport. My last day in Padang.

2 months after, I went home binge eating pork from breakfast ’til dinner. Lol.
Moving on, I took the Civil Service Professional Exam on October 2011, got hired under a Government Owned and Controlled Corporation by November and on December, I got the news that I passed the CS Exam 🙂 By May 2012, I decided to enroll in law school, little did I know, it was heart-wrenching and self-esteem downgrading. Law school took a toll on me, I got really depressed to the point when I don’t consider myself sane anymore. Albeit I passed some of my majors, I flunked about 1 or 2 subjects in a semester, then I thought maybe law school is not for me. So I decided to quit, went back to work to be able to help my parents. I stayed there for about a year, but same as my law school experience, it did not went well.
Well, enough of the sad news, as they say, there’s always a rainbow after rain. There were magnificent blessings I received in between those tears and heartaches: In 2016, I got hired in a regular position in the government in which I could not further disclose since I want to keep my current affiliations private. But the biggest blessing I received since 2012 is this person right here:
Proud and happy to say that I’m still with him up to this very moment & we recently celebrated our 5th anniversary (March 4th), never been this happy..Really HAPPY. 🙂
That’s it for now. ‘Til next time! 🙂
Love lots,

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